IFAD spotlights progress, new partnerships to help smallholders 

UN’s International Fund for Agricultural Development’s Innovation Day 2023 will on Wednesday showcase its new partnerships to help small farmers boost output and adapt to climate and economic shocks. 

At the event, IFAD will show how its new and stronger partnerships with European Space Agency, the European Institute of Innovation for Sustainability, the World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator and Global Action are coming together to impact global food security, the UN agency said in a statement. 

At the event at IFAD’s heaquarters in Rome, IFAD and ESA will unveil their plans to support vulnerable small-scale farmers in eight developing countries and help them adapt to climate change, and strengthen their resilience to economic and climate shocks, said the statement. 

The event will highlight how scaling up innovation, new, stronger, strategic partnerships and co-financing are increasingly vital to tackling hunger, poverty and the growing impacts of climate change. 

A marketplace will feature innovative solutions financed by IFAD, delivering sustainable and inclusive rural development outcomes, according to the statement. 

The event is being jointly organized by IFAD, Cariplo Factory, an innovation hub company, Global Action and the Fund for Innovation in Development. It is supported by the governments of Colombia, Finland, France, Germany and Norway. 

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Written by Adnkronos

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