Italy backing Ukraine to bolster global security, uphold international law says Meloni 

Italy continues to help Ukraine defend itself against Russia’s 16-month-old invasion and work for “a just and lasting peace” to safeguard international law and global security, according to Italy’s premier Giorgia Meloni. 

“I want to reiterate my firm belief that defending Ukraine today means defending the Italian national interest,” Meloni told MPs on Wednesday ahead of a European Union leaders’ summit on Thursday and Friday. 

“The Ukraine’s capitulation would bring with it the collapse of international law and of the system of coexistence between states that was born with the end of World War II,” said Meloni. 

“Our hope is that a just and lasting peace can be achieved as soon as possible, in full respect of international law and Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” Meloni underlined. 

The government is working tirelessly “in every international forum” towards such a peace settlement in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Meloni said. 

Italy “has all the credentials” to be a top player in Ukraine’s reconstruction once the devastating war with Russia comes to an end, and strongly supports its EU entry, Meloni argued. 

“We look to a rebuilt Ukraine, and Italy has all the credentials to be a leading player in this process,” Meloni stated.  

“We are betting on a prosperous and peaceful future for Ukraine and on the European integration of this nation,” she said. 

European financial support for Ukraine “remains solid” and will continue through the war-battered country’s reconstruction, Meloni stated. 

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Written by Adnkronos

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