Italy urges China to mediate in Ukraine-Russia war 

China has a key role to play in persuading Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to end the 495-day-old invasion of Ukraine and in preventing the former Soviet republic “from being conquered,” Italy stated on Monday. 

‘If we want peace, we must prevent Ukraine from being conquered’,” Tajani told state broadcaster Rai’s Agora Estate political talk show. 

”I also pin hopes on China convincing Putin to withdraw Russian troops. It’s the only way to really achieve peace,” Tajani went on. 

Conditions for a “just peace” in the Ukraine conflict also include the return of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian children brought to Russia since the invasion began; the establishment of a safe zone around the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant; and a ‘green corridor’ for grain exports, Tajani said. 

“If the cereals fail to arrive in Africa we face further social crises and migration,” Tajani underlined. 

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Written by Adnkronos

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