‘Mediterranea’ exhibition opens in Lebanon 

An exhibition that charts the history – and myths – of the Mediterranean region opens at the Nabu museum in Ras al-Shaqa northern Lebanon on Friday, Italy’s foreign ministry wrote on its Facebook page. 

Running until 23 July, the ‘Mediterranea. Visions of an ancient and complex sea’ exhibition is being organised by the foreign ministry, its cultural institute in Beirut and the Med-Or Leonardo Foundation, according to the post. 

Lebanon is the first international stop on the itinerary of the exhibition, which looks at the major challenges and opportunities facing the region, from the blue economy to sustainable agriculture and artistic and cultural heritage conservation, according to the post. 

The exhibition explores “the richness and complexity of Mare Nostrum” through previously unpublished satellite images developed jointly with the Italian Space Agency, Telespazio and Med-Or in partnership with the European Space Agency and Italian earth observation and geo-spatial information company e-GEOS spa, the post added. 

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Written by Adnkronos

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