Tajani expresses solidarity with Schifani after bomb scare 

Italy’s foreign minister Antonio Tajani tweeted solidarity with Sicily’s governor Renato Schifani on Friday after a bomb disposal squad was called to his home to blow up a suspect parcel left outside. 

”Closeness to Sicily’s governor Renato Schifani, victim of an intimidatory act outside his home,” read the tweet. 

“We are sure he will continue to fight for the rule of law and against the mafia,” the tweet continued. 

Bomb disposal experts found the package left outside Schifani’s home to contain dozens of flattened plastic bottles, Adnkronos news agency reported on Thursday. 

Police are probing the bomb scare, which took place last week when Schifani returned from attending the funeral in Milan of conservative Forza Italia party’s late leader, ex-premier and media mogul Silvio Berlusconi, who died in hospital there aged 86 from lukaemia. 

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Written by Adnkronos

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